Find Shelter

I’m reposting my March Blog because we need a sure place, a sure word about safety right now. It’s found only with God!

I’m lost for words this month. I’ve been distraught by my personal circumstances; events taking place in my country and world; the younger generation being slaughtered or committing slaughter; the ease by which whole communities are shattered and people are instantly homeless in natural disasters; the various financial collapses and scandals; and the public rhetoric. At times, it’s surprising, other times perplexing, and other times daunting. There’s nothing I can do, I think. In fact, I’ve had to work through a few panic attacks this past month, until I recalled this verse of scripture. It’s one I recite to myself when I get overwhelmed by what I see and hear. This verse brings me back to the realization of how, in the land, there is no place where we can really feel secure; there are no guarantees. Wickedness still abounds, our material possessions are expensive yet tawdry, and love for our neighbors is waxing cold. The younger generation is dying in droves. Are you “watching” and “praying” as Jesus told us to do on several occasions while He walked the earth? There’s no age disparity or protected group from all that’s occurring in our world. But there is a Place where we can hide.

Gladly, Old Testament scribes recorded this, as they witnessed and lived through the troubling life events of their time. They too finally concluded that there’s only one sure Person and Place. More than ever, children, young millennials, and older persons of any ethnicity should find, enter into, and live under God’s safe shelter.

Be blessed until next time…

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