Hello. I’m Ellie. Welcome to my blog site, Inspiration by Ellie. I hear so much bad news–through the media, on social media, in conversation with others, while reading or browsing the internet, or watching TV. If you’re like me, at times, you may get overwhelmed or discouraged by this.

I created this blog to do the opposite. I want to share good news–news that uplifts and incites people to do something better for themselves and for our world. I want to help individuals discover something new, something they may have never known or heard of. This is the part I’m playing to help make the world a better place. This is also simply what I enjoy doing–lifting up others, encouraging them, and cheering them on. It’s who I am.

God’s word, the Bible, does this for me. It inspires me! When I read it and discover what God’s intended message is to me through a particular passage, I get excited. A light turns on. I find answers to a question I had or directions for a decision I need to make. I discover truths I never knew. Or, on those really challenging, difficult days, I’m encouraged and uplifted.

This is what I gain from reading the Bible, and it is what I hope you will find as well through this blog. Somewhere in the words of the various posts, I hope your day is brightened, and your spirit ignited, but most of all, I hope you come to know God the Father, through His Son, Jesus Christ, who demonstrated His love for you by dying on a cross to bring you to God.

Let’s go…!

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